Model-Based Clustering and Classification

The workshop aims at providing a focus on the state-of-the-art research in the field of model-based clustering and classification as well as a forum of scientific discussions and comparisons among young and senior researchers in different areas of statistics and data science. Topics concern methodological, applied and computational issues in model-based clustering and classification. The workshop will take place in Catania (Italy) on September 5-7, 2018 with the support of the Italian Statistical Society and the Classification and Data Analysis Group (CLADAG).

The scientific program of the workshop is based on:

  • 6 main lectures (40'+15' discussion)
  • 19 oral presentations organized in 6 talk sessions (20' for each talk + 25' discussion in each session)
  • 20 Lightning talks (3') + poster session for discussion

Scientific Committee

    Christophe Biernacki (France), Andrea Cerioli (Italy), Luis Angel García-Escudero (Spain), Christian Hennig (UK), Salvatore Ingrassia (Italy), Geoffrey McLachlan (Australia), Volodymyr Melnykov (USA), Angela Montanari (Italy), Roberto Rocci (Italy), Maurizio Vichi (Italy).

Registration fee

The registration fee includes welcome cocktail, lunches, coffee breaks and workshop material.
  • Standard registration (until 30 June, 2018): EUR 210.
  • Late registration (after 30 June, 2018): EUR 260.

Workshop material

Papers, technical reports and slides will be shared among registered participants through the dropbox folder "mbc2_2018".

Maximum number of participants

In order to encourage scientific discussions among participants, space is limited to 70 registered people.

Organizing Committee

    Salvatore Ingrassia (chair), Roberto Di Mari, Angelo Mazza, Antonio Punzo, Salvatore Daniele Tomarchio.