Models and Learning for
Clustering and Classification

The workshop aims at providing a focus on the state-of-the-art research in the field of statistical models and learning techniques in different areas of clustering and classification.
The workshop will take place through online webinars on September 2020 with the support of the Italian Statistical Society and the Classification and Data Analysis Group (CLADAG).

The workshop will be held on September 2020 according to the following schedule:
Wednesday 2, h. 15.30-18.15
Friday 4, h. 15.30-18.40
Friday 11, h. 15.30-18.45
Friday 18, h. 15.30-18.45
Friday 25, h. 15-30-18.10
(Central European Summer Time)

The scientific program of the workshop is based on:

  • 5 main lectures (40'+15' discussion)
  • 15 oral presentations organized in 5 talk sessions (20' for each talk + 10' discussion for each talk).
    Discussion will be introduced by a discussant. Comments and questions from attendees will be handled by the discussant.
  • 11 video posters (5-7' for each video-poster).

Scientific Committee

    Malgorzata Bogdan (Poland), Andrea Cerioli (Italy), Alfonso Gordaliza (Spain), Salvatore Ingrassia (Italy), Julien Jacques (France), Angela Montanari (Italy), Roberto Rocci (Italy), Jeroen K. Vermunt (The Netherlands), Maurizio Vichi (Italy), Weixin Yao (USA).

Registration fee

The registration fee includes workshop material.
  • Standard registration (until July 25, 2020): EUR 50.
  • Late registration (after July 25, 2020): EUR 80.

Workshop material

Papers, technical reports and slides will be shared among registered participants through the dropbox folder "mbc2_2020".

Organizing Committee

    Salvatore Ingrassia (chair), Roberto Di Mari, Cinzia Di Nuzzo, Angelo Mazza, Antonio Punzo, Salvatore Daniele Tomarchio.