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31 August 2022

16.00-17.00     Registration

17.00-17.15     Opening

17.15-18.40     Talk Session 1
Benford's Law for Anomaly and Fraud Detection
Chair: Domenico Perrotta (Joint Research Centre (JRC), Ispra, Italy)

  • Lucio Barabesi, Andrea Cerioli, Marco Di Marzio  (University of Chieti-Pescara, Italy)  
    Statistical models and the Benford hypothesis: A unifying framework
  • Peter Filzmoser (TU Wien, Austria), Nermina Mumic  
    Benford goes multivariate: A new fraud detection method, with application to music streaming data
  • Andrea Cerioli (Italy), Lucio Barabesi, Andrea Cerasa, Domenico Perrotta 
    Who is afraid of the probability-savvy fraudster?


18.40-19.35     Keynote Lecture 1
Robustness issues in subspace clustering
Luis-Angel García Escudero (Universidad de Valladolid, Spain)
Chair: Peter Filzmoser (TU Wien, Austria)


19.40-21.15     Welcome Cocktail


1 September 2022

08.30-09.55     Talk Session 2
Robust Model-based Clustering and Outlier Detection
Chair:Pietro Coretto (University of Salerno, Italy)

  • Andrea Cappozzo,  Luis Angel Garcia-Escudero, Francesca Greselin (University of Milano Bicocca, Italy),  Agustín Mayo-Iscar  
    Monitoring the robust Cluster-Weighted model
  • Matteo Farnè (University of Bologna, Italy), Angelos Vouldis
    Banks’ business models in the euro area: a cluster analysis in high dimensions
  • Hung Tong (The University of Alabama, USA), Cristina Tortora  
    Directional Outlier Detection and Robust Model-Based Clustering with Missing Data


09.55-10.50     Keynote Lecture 2
Perturb and Conquer: how Classification Can Benefit from Data Perturbation
Angela Montanari (University of Bologna, Italy)
Chair: Maurizio Vichi
(Sapienza University of Rome, Italy)


10.50-11.20     Coffee Break


11.20-12.45     Talk Session 3
Elliptical Mixture Models
Chair: Gertraud Malsiner-Walli (Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria)

  • Carlo Cavicchia, Maurizio Vichi (Sapienza University of Rome, Italy), Giorgia Zaccaria  
    A class of parsimonious Gaussian mixture models with an extended ultrametric covariance structure
  • Pietro Coretto (University of Salerno, Italy), Christian Hennig 
    Nonparametric consistency for ML estimation and clustering with finite mixtures of elliptically symmetric distributions
  • Luca Scrucca (University of Perugia, Italy),  
    Gaussian Mixtures Using Range-Logit Transformation with an Application to Image Segmentation


12.45-14.00   Lunch


14.00-15.25     Talk Session 4
Latent Class Models
Chair: Cinzia Viroli (University of Bologna, Italy)

  • Silvia Columbu (University of Cagliari, Italy), Jeroen K. Vermunt 
    Multilevel Latent Class Models for cross-classified data
  • Sylvia Frühwirth-Schnatter, Bettina Grün, Gertraud Malsiner-Walli  (Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria) 
    Capturing Correlated Clusters Using Mixtures of Latent Class Models
  • Rosa Fabbricatore (University of Naples Federico II, Italy), Roberto Di Mari, Zsuzsa Bakk, Mark de Rooij, Francesco Palumbo
     A three-step rectangular Latent Markov modelling for a recommender system in self-learning platforms


15.25-16.20     Keynote Lecture 3
Robust selection of the number of clusters and of the clustering structure using Bayesian methods
Judith Rousseau (University of Oxford, UK)
Chair: Agustín Mayo Iscar (Universidad de Valladolid, Spain)


16.20-16.50     Coffee Break


16.50-17.20     Lightning Talk Session 1
Chair: Michael Fop (University College Dublin, Ireland)

  • Marco Berrettini (University of Bologna, Italy), Giuliano Galimberti, Saverio Ranciati  
    Bayesian semiparametric finite mixture of regression models
  • Luca Brusa (University of Milano Bicocca, Italy), Catherine Matias 
    A stochastic blockmodel for hypergraphs
  • Yana Melnykov (The University of Alabama, USA), Xuwen Zhu 
    On finite mixture modeling of change-point processes
  • Iuliia Promskaia  (University College Dublin, Ireland), Adrian O'Hagan, Michael Fop  
    Model-based clustering for network-linked data
  • Galina Andreeva  (University of Edinburgh Business School, UK)
    Open Banking challenges for clustering and classification
  • Francesca Torti,  Gabrielle Voiseaux, Domenico Perrotta  (European Commssion, Joint Research Centre (JRC), Ispra, Italy)
    Robustness issues for semi-supervised learning of financial frauds
  • Ilia Sucholutsky (Princeton University, USA), Thomas L. Griffiths  
    Learning to Classify From Almost No Data


17.20-18.45     Talk Session 5
Supervised and Unsupervised Learning for Anomaly and Fraud Detection 
Chair: Galina Andreeva ( University of Edinburgh Business School, UK)

  • Clarisse Boinay (INRIA and Seckiot, France), Christophe Biernacki, Cristian Preda, Thomas Anglade
    Variational inference of a stochastic block Model for a sequence of graphs for testing abnormality: application to cybersecurity
  • Edoardo Fibbi (KU Leuven,  Belgium and  Joint Research Centre (JRC), Ispra, Italy), Tim Verdonck, Stefan Van Aelst, Francesca Torti, Domenico Perrotta  
    A robust co-clustering approach to short texts
  • Félix Vandervorst (Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, University of Antwerp, Belgium), Wouter Verbeke, Tim Verdonck 
    Supervised Learning with Uncertain Labels for Claims Fraud Detection


20.45     Workshop Dinner (meeting at 20.00)


2 September 2022

08.45-10.10     Talk Session 6
Non-Gaussian Mixture Models 1
Chair: Cristina Tortora (San José State University, USA)

  • Michael Fop (University College Dublin, Ireland), Federica Benassi, Giuliano Galimberti  
    Model-based clustering of mixed-type data via mixtures of mixed graphical models
  • Tin Lok James Ng (University College Dublin, Ireland), Andrew Zammit-Mangion  
    Mixture of Normalizing Flows for spherical density estimation
  • Garritt L. Page (Brigham Young University, USA), Maria Franco-Villoria, Massimo Ventrucci  
    Informed Finite Mixture Models


10.10-10.35     Lightning Talk Session 2
Chair: Shuchismita Sarkar (Bowling Green State University, USA)

  • Alessandro Bitetto (University of Pavia, Italy), Paola Cerchiello 
    Oracle-LSTM: a neural network approach to mixed frequency time series prediction
  • Ilaria Bombelli (Sapienza University of Rome), Maurizio Vichi 
    Fuzzy clustering of a set of dissimilarity matrices by consensus parsimonious dendrograms
  • Martina Boschi (University of Bologna, Italy), Ernst-Jan Camiel Wit 
    Relational Event models with time varying  and random effects: an application to the alien species invasions
  • Cinzia Di Nuzzo (Sapienza University of Rome), Donatella Vicari 
    A clustering model for skew-symmetric data
  • Nicola Piras (University of Cagliari, Italy),  Silvia Columbu  
    SEM-Gibbs algorithm for Multilevel Cross-Classified Latent Class analysis of Binary Data
  • Andrej Svetlošák (University of Edinburgh, UK), Miguel de Carvalho, Gabriel Martos Venturini, Raffaella Calabrese
    Divide and Conquer: Cluster Analysis with a Different Number of Clusters per Margin


10.35-11.05     Coffee Break


11.05-12.00     Keynote Lecture 4
Finite mixture modeling in stylometry with applications
Volodymyr Melnykov (University of Alabama, USA)
Chair: Christophe Biernacki (INRIA, Lille, France)


12.00-13.25     Talk Session 7
Non-Gaussian Mixture Models 2
Chair: Garitt Page (Brigham Young University, USA)

  • Andriette Bekker (University of Pretoria, South Africa), Johan Ferreira, Salvatore Tomarchio, Antonio Punzo 
    Innovative reparametrized beta- and gamma mixture models in a contamination setting
  • Nam-Hwui Kim (University of Waterloo, Canada), Ryan Browne  
    Mode Merging for Non-Gaussian Finite Mixtures
  • Emiliano Seri (Sapienza University of Rome), Thomas Brendan Murphy,   Roberto Rocci
    Partial membership models for soft clustering of multivariate count data

13.25-14.30     Lunch


14.30-14.55     Lightning Talk Session 3
Chair: Nam-Hwui Kim (University of Waterloo, Canada)

  • Salvatore D. Tomarchio (University of Catania, Italy), Antonio Punzo, Luca Bagnato  
    The multivariate skew shifted exponential normal distribution and its use in finite mixture modeling
  • Anna Gottard, Giulia Vannucci, Leonardo Grilli (University of Florence, Italy), Carla Rampichini
    Mixed-effect models with treess
  • Thais Pacheco Menezes (University College Dublin, Ireland), Michael Fop, Thomas Brendan Murphy  
    Hausdorff Distance: A powerful tool for matching households and individuals in historical censuses
  • Fabiola Del Greco-M. (Institute  for Biomedicine, Eurac Research, Bolzano, Italy ), Chiara Volani, Johannes Rainer, Giuseppe Paglia, Peter P. Pramstaller 
    Machine learning algorithm to identify a metabolic profile able to predict biomarkers levels
  • Andrea Maugeri (University of Catania, Italy), Martina Barchitta, Giuliana Favara, Claudia La Mastra, Maria Clara La Rosa, Roberta Magnano San Lio, Antonella Agodi 
     Clustering on Principal Components to Derive Dietary Patterns in Nutritional Epidemiology
  • Lutecia Servius (King's College London, England), Davide Pigoli, Franca Fraternali, Joseph Chi-Fung Ng 
    A Comparison of Classification Methods for Sequencing Data in Immunology


14.55-15.50     Keynote Lecture 5
A Bayesian two-way latent structure clustering model for genomic data integration with an application to subtyping breast cancer
Arnoldo Frigessi (Oslo Centre for Biostatistics & Epidemiology, Norway)
Chair: Angela Montanari (University of Bologna, Italy)


15.50-16.35     Coffee Break


16.35-18.15     Talk Session 8
Models and Applications in Medicine
Chair: Arnoldo Frigessi (Oslo Centre for Biostatistics & Epitemiology, Norway)

  • Silvia D'Angelo (University College Dublin, Ireland), Lorraine Brennan and Isobel Claire Gormley 
     A Latent Variable Approach to Infer Intake from Multiple Biomarker Measurements
  • Elisabeth Griesbauer (Technische Universität München. Germany),  Claudia Czado, Arnoldo Frigessi,  Ingrid Hobæk Haff  
    Vine-Copula Synthetic Data Generation For Classification
  • Luca Martino (Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Spain),  Roberto San Millan-Castillo, Eduardo Morgado  
    Spectral information criterion:  reducing drastically the number of possible models
  • Shuchismita Sarkar (Bowling Green State University, USA), Xuwen Zhu  
    Multiple change point clustering of count processes



18.15-18-20      Closing


18.20-19.45     Wine Session
A wine tour in Sicily
Chair: Mariella Ferrara (L’Archestrato, Catania, Italy)

Wineries, wines and vine varieties:


  • Arcodace (Perricone, 2021)
  • Fordispina (Perricone rosè, 2021)
  • Fiordiligi (Grillo, 2021)


Casa Grazia

  • Laetitya (Frappato, 2021)
  • Euphorya (Frappato Spumante Brut)
  • Adorè (Moscato Bianco, 2021)



  • Kikè (Traminer Aromatico & Sauvignon Blanc, 2021)
  • Taif (Zibibbo Secco, 2021)



  • Fanus (Nero d’Avola & Syrah, 2019)
  • Don Nuzzo (Moscato di Siracusa, 2020)


Masseria Setteporte

  • Nerello in Rosa (Nerello Mascalese & Nerello Cappuccio, 2016 & 2021)
  • Nerello Mascalese (Nerello Mascalese, 2020)